The Process

Threaded Intention has grown a lot over the last few years. A large portion of the work was done behind the scenes so I would love to take a moment to explain the process of made-to-order pieces. Although most of the work is still done by me (Teena Forrester) I hope to continue to grow and expand this business, adding more help in areas that are needed throughout the next year. I will continue to update this page as I do.  

As of right now, Threaded Intention designs are envisioned and created by me. I still handle the cutting, dyeing, and website/email management. Just recently I have added another seamstress to my team to keep turnaround times down to 8/9 weeks and make made-to-order possible again. It was very important to me to add a seamstress with experience and that I trust. This is why I choose Nicole Bye of moonlitmuseapparel 

We live a state over from one another so our system is unique but has been effective. In October I spent two weeks working with and training Nicole on how to properly make a Threaded Intention piece and dropped off her industrial serger.

Now I dye, cut, and pin half the pieces from each release to ship to Nicole. She works on completing them while I complete the other half here at my studio. When she is finished she sends them back to me to be quality checked and shipped to you. 


Returns and exchanges

I am more than happy to accept a return or exchange an item for store credit if you feel the piece does not match the description or if there is an issue that has been overlooked on the piece. I pride myself on quality checking each order before it goes out. Its rare, but I am one human so this can occur. With all that being said, It is really important to me that you love your Threaded Intention Clothing and that the love and intention is felt through the items. Please feel free to reach out via email threadedintention@gmail.com

Dyes, Fabric and Sizing

I use non-toxic fiber reactive dyes on organic or natural fibers. My designs are made of Organic Fleece, Organic Thermal, Organic cotton, and hemp blends or bamboo.


I welcome all sizes, always. If your size is not on the size chart or you just feel more comfortable, feel free to include your measurements in the order notes.

Most Of All I would like to say 

Thank you

If you have been here a while, you know for the past two years I have also been growing. It took a lot of "failures" to get me to the point I am right now and for each one - I am just so grateful for the customers who held space for me, remembered my humanness, and stuck by me while I figured it out.
That support and encouragement got me here.
Together we held the vision and I am so thankful for that. 

If you are new to my art, Welcome! I am so happy you're here