Return to rituals FAQ 

Is it beginner-friendly? 

Yes, return to rituals is actually catered to the beginner. 

Why do you recommend such a short practice?

I am very mindful that most individuals who come across my content are starting from the beginning stages of their journey. 5 minutes of meditation feels much more reasonable than 20. My own practice has stayed consistent because every day, no matter how busy I am, I gift myself this 27 minutes. Because of this, I have become more aware of my intuition, my vision, and my own power. My recommendation is always to start small and create a sustainable everyday self-love practice and then add more time when you have time. 

Is this self-paced?

Originally, I had planned for this to be a 6-week course but as I was creating it, I realized it would serve more lifestyles if I made the course self-paced. I did break it into 6 sections that can be done week by week if preferred. 

Is this access to content or live classes?

This is not live classes. This is access to all the resources I used to build my mindset and practice. It's very much about inner self-work.

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